2017 IVF World Distance Championships, Tahiti

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Check out the 2017 New Zealand Distance Teams pages and paddler profiles!

LIVE LINK TO TNTV (English version): http://www.tntv.pf/LIVE-IVF-Va-a-World-Distance-Championships-2017-DAY-1-English_a19788.html

IVF Website: http://www.ivfiv.org/2017-world-distance-champs.html

Host (Tahiti) Website: https://www.tahitivaa2018.org/en/world-distance-2017/

Current Entries: http://www.ivfiv.org/entries.html

Outline of the New Zealand selection process for the 2017 IVF World Distance Championships: http://wakaama.co.nz/stories/read/1004287

Appointed Coaches - Waka Ama New Zealand 2017 IVF World Distance Champs - http://wakaama.co.nz/stories/read/1004354

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Updated: May 2, 2017