2018 IVF World ELITE Championships, Tahiti

16 - 26 July 2018

2018 Elite World Sprint Coaches can be found here - http://www.wakaama.co.nz/stories/read/1004626

For more information regarding the event check out the event website - https://www.tahitivaa2018.org/en/world-sprint-2018/

Event Schedule and progressions - http://www.ivfiv.org/event-schedule-lane-draw--progressions.html

Paddler Guide can be found here - https://www.tahitivaa2018.org/en/sprint-2018-en/dates-and-key-facts/

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Para Va'a Team - 

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Panui Schedule

Panui 1 - Monday 30th April
Panui 2 - Friday 11 May
Panui 3 - Friday 25 May
Panui 4 - Friday 8 June
Panui 5 - Friday 22 June

NZ Haka and Waiata details Click Here 

Helpful links
                      IVF World Sprints Website:  https://www.tahitivaa2018.org/en/sprint-2018-en/ 

                        IVF Sprint Rules:  http://www.ivfiv.org/uploads/2/5/3/8/25381158/race_rules_sprint_rev_2018.pdf 

                                 IVF World Sprints entries: http://www.ivfiv.org/view-entries.html

                                Travelsafe - https://www.safetravel.govt.nz/register-your-travel  - please read all related travel advisories.

                                Link to Drugfree SportNZ: www.drugfreesportnz.org.nz  – introduce athletes to the anti-doping requirements

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