M2M (Sanctioned)

Venue: Mount Maunganui
Date: Sat 23rd Mar 2019
Distance: 32km (W6)
Host: Hei Matau Paddlers

The 3rd year of the Annual M2M turned out to be a great one. All week it was showing no wind and flat conditions. But Last minute the wind arrived and the Maketu 2 Mount course was chosen. 13 top level teams took part in a great downhill run along the coast.

The women were given a 5min head start to help level the spread of canoes. The teams that knew how to surf were soon paddling with smiles as the surf pretty much kicked in from the start horn. 

The three womens teams were all class as they had some very close battles. In the Mens Bhutty Boys and NZ men jumped out to a small lead after 10km. The battle continued until the final 8km where it seems fitness for the nz men took them to gold.

Well done to everyone who competed. thanks to the South Island boys for flying up. Glad you got some great conditions.

Special thanks to Lynora from Paddle & Print for designing some great hats for the podium. Kai from Kaiwa'a Canoes for supplying some gear and The Rising Tide for the venue and vouchers. 

Congrats to Matt Kensington and Richard Thompson on winning the Kaiwa'a dry bags in the Heads and Tails game.

Lastly to the safety boats. It was a big mission for them just to get to the startline.

You can watch the full race on the Yachtbot link. Unfortunately the NZ women team gps was turned on and then off so they stayed at the start. http://www.yacht-bot.com/races/15703

Online Entries:

Contact Details

Name: Paul Roozendaal
Email: moore-entries@hotmail.com
Mobile: 027 662 3794


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