Rotohoe Event 2 - Rotomā (Sanctioned)

Venue: Rotomā
Date: Sat 6th Jul 2019
Distance: 10km/ 20km
Host: Ruamata Waka Ama Club

  1. Ngā tohu huarere/Lastest weather forecast

As usual we are expecting some pretty fresh souwesterlies (up to 15 knots), so come prepared with sprayskirts and warm clothing.  Luckily, the Waitangi Soda Springs ngāwhā (hot springs) are only about 6 km down the road on Manawahē Road, for those who want to warm up after the race.  It is less than $10 per individual entry ($25 for a whānau pass).

2. Registrations and payments

Kia mahara: We are taking registrations and payments on the day, but would prefer if you could use the online registration system. 

Online payments can be made to: Ruamata Waka Ama Inc.



2.     He kaupapa para-kore - Waste-free Rotohoe

Please support us to run a waste-free Rotohoe.  In order to achieve this we are asking that you take away with you anything that you bring e.g. kai packaging.

There is hot soup, parāoa and sausages on offer to paddlers after the races.  Please bring a cup (a coffee/resuable one).  We will have some mugs available if you forget (and a wash station to wash up).  We will also have paper serviettes to handle the parāoa & sausages, and a bag to collect the serviettes after use, but this is the only ‘waste’ we are planning for.  (Wharepaku ‘waste’ notwithstanding!)

3.     Maimoatia ō tātou rotomoana - Plea to stop catfish spread

Please wash and dry waka (and gear) before bringing them to Rotomā

(The following is an excerpt from

Catfish are an unwanted pest threatening to ruin the renowned Rotorua Lakes and tributaries.

They feed on small native fish, trout and their eggs. Catfish also compete for food with other native species, including koura (freshwater crayfish). In high numbers, catfish can degrade water quality when they stir up sediments to feed, making water murky and unpleasant for lake users and wildlife.

A live, 26 centimetre long brown bullhead catfish (Ameiurus nebulosus) was caught at Te Weta Bay, Lake Rotoiti on 16 March 2016. 

Catfish are a pest species that has become widespread in Waikato waterways including Lake Taupō. This is the first time a live fish has been found in the Bay of Plenty.

With the help of our partners (Te Arawa Lakes Trust, Department of Conservation, Fish and Game, the University of Waikato, NIWA and Rotorua Lakes Council) and the local community we are determined to stop the spread of catfish.

You can help prevent aquatic pests like catfish from being spread in the Bay of Plenty by checking and cleaning all boating and other watersports equipment before using it in a different waterway, every time.


N.B. Catfish have not yet been found in (Lake) Rotomā.  PLEASE HELP US KEEP IT THAT WAY AND WASH AND DRY YOUR WAKA (and any other gear that has come from another freshwater waterway).  

      Nā mātou o Te Komiti


$15 per paddler in 16 km W6

$10 per paddler in 10 km novice/junior W6 race

$15 per paddler in W1/W2

Or $20 per paddler in both W6 and W1/W2


  • 9-10 km W1/W2/W3
  • 9-10 km: Junior and Novice W6
  • 16 km: Senior W6 (Men, Women and Mixed)


Online Entries:

Contact Details

Name: Heeni Hope


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